2012 outlook trends analysis

I am so sorry, the year 2012 will definitely (not) be the end of the world!

Well then, let’s move on with business as usual, shall we?? (Just in case you wonder about the Mayan calendar story…. i think they simply got tired of calculating calendars way way past their own life expectancy!!)
P.S. I have to remind my readers once again, this is not someone’s individual astrological outlook for the year 2012 but rather the general 2012 forecast for around the entire globe and all of us, the general quality of time. For your individual astrological trends for 2012 please hop on over to my astrological advice site, thanks.

So, 2012 starts exactly the same way 2011 has ended (please refer back to the final segments of 2011 at http://astro.. blog/..forecast …2011 

With the Chinese year of the Water-Dragon starting on January 23. 2012 we still don’t see any significant changes right away.

Once the Sun moves into Pisces though we start to see changes, yet, a somewhat similar pattern evolves as in 2011.
In other words, the year starts on a miserable note, and what’s different this year is that it is not so much a slow moving planet but Mars hovering around in the “dumbest” of possible spots for way to long.

Mars in a Square with the Moon nodes
February 26. 2012 – May 24. 2012
Disturbances and fights will occur when they try to interact with others. Their aggressive and mostly misplaced attitude towards others can create nervous upsets in others, so most people will prefer to leave them alone. Since they can’t fit into the spirit around them they will also often experience bad luck or make themselves some enemies.
Special attention to: March 24 – April 14
Involved degree position: 8° Sagittarius, on behalf of Moon node.
Very tense emotions that can erupt anytime, without warning, never mind how much they try to control themselves. This can be a very destructive force / frame of time, specially also against ones self.

Well, if there was a chance for unruly outbreaks of passionate aggression and opinions this year, here you have it, that covers pretty much all of the sign Arias, watch out and keep a level head and temper.

But, here too, all is not lost, and it may still continue in a semi-civilized fashion. However, pressing issues will now no longer be put on the backburner.

Mars in a Trine with Pluto
February 27. 2012 – June 01. 2012
Because of their deep insight and their renewing energies they will always push for regenerating activities, never mind if that is for an entire society or just within their private surrounding. New sources of energy catch their interest. They have a No Fear attitude and will fight for their cause at all cost. Since they are absolutely self confident it usually won’t take very long before they have it their way. If not, they don’t mind to use force.
Involved degree position: 9° Capricorn, on behalf of Pluto.
Whatever the circumstances are, they dogmatically like to impose their ideas and to set their standards for everyone else to follow..

But wait, there’s more positivity added into the otherwise somewhat explosive mix here… well, positivity maybe a bit to much to say, rather perhaps “hard pushing without declaring any wars”??

Uranus in a Trine with the Moon node
March 20. 2012 – June 22. 2012
Interest in new experiences through new people or traveling to new places. Very quickly adaptable to new situations.  Perhaps even involved in new political reforms.
Involved degree position of possible interest: 7° Arias, on behalf of Uranus.
Difficult to live with, because they always want to be right, they have a rather quarrelsome attitude, tend to attack problems head-on. They strive to be in charge.

But wait, there’s even more, and that is not positive, we are still within Arias, and see for yourself now what else hits the fan…

Mars in Opposition to Neptune
March 23. 2012 – May 12. 2012
So many worries and fears that they want to hang on to someone, or something, and become dependent. With their weak unrealistic attitude they tend to lose things. They often chose the wrong career and achieve not to much that way. Their psyche may be home to some real neuroses, and they tend to cheat themselves. It may also be others who try to intrigue behind their backs against them. Some may be able to use their mental chaos to create something of artistic value, some others may turn on themselves, in a self destructive fashion.

If that wasen’t worrisome enough, how about something that lasts r-e-a-l-l-y long?? This has nothing to do with Arias anymore, this is just plain and simple a s.h.i.t.t.y year from here on in! Spring, summer and fall, if even the moon nodes build such long lasting aspects, good night dear reader, April to December, hold on to whatever you’ve got and be happy if you can keep it until this crap is over!

Uranus in a Square with Pluto
April 12. 2012 – December 12. 2012
Destructive forces can lead to drastic consequences or overturn achievements accomplished for an entire future generation. This type of constellation last occurred in the beginning of the 1930’s , which brought us the beginning of the 2nd World War.
Once more involved: 7° Arias on behalf of Uranus. The other degrees (5 – 9 degrees Arias, 8 and 9° Capricorn are non violent, even very positive degrees indicating forceful research on all corners and ends.

Neptune in a Square with the Moon nodes
April 21. 2012 – November 19. 2012
People cannot adapt, because they are haunted by delusions. Partners will tend to abuse each other. They can feel completely lonely in the middle of a big crowd.
“Would like to be” degrees involved on behalf of Neptune (3 to 0° Pisces) Somehow the driven passionate researchers that have to go their way alone type of a time frame.

Jupiter in a Square with Neptune
June 03. 2012 – July 18. 2012
Life in a world of illusions, far away from any responsibilities. They may be in a constant search for enlightenment but find nothing around them but chaos. They may be friendly, but do not know whom they turn to. They may propose great plans, but all they are capable of is gorging themselves and indulging in excessive abuse.
Intellectual wanna-be time.

So how is that supposed to be working now, a new positive aspect that says we can enjoy an outgoing life – while the other aspect says we will feel completely lonely in the midst of a crowd eh?? Well, it’s always the same story in such situations, we may try, but we may fail.

Jupiter in a Hexagon with Uranus
June 27. 2012 – July 17. 2012
and again
December 16. 2012 – April 15. 2013
They live an outgoing social life but shy away from steady relations because they want to be on the move, travel around and learn new things. They have a fortunate intuition which makes it rather easy for them to find new ways to excel or get what they want or find the protection of someone behind the scene perhaps to sponsor them so that they can create new social or technical revolutionary innovations..

Mars in Conjunction with Saturn
August 02. 2012 – August 28. 2012
There will not be much fun during this time frame. It’s all about working hard and living in Spartan life style, more like in the military than in urban living. Peoples attitude can be rather distrustful or even mean now, because they strongly resent those who still have fun and enjoy themselves. In that state of mind they can become extremely destructive.
No seriously destructive degrees involved, more the imbalance between wanting to be out there and have fun but somehow going a tad neurotic over it instead.

Good thing this one (above) is short lived, but combine it with the other negative aspects (farther above) that are still active and you know you still have to wait patiently for those better times to come – and come they will! That’s what i mean’t with a similar pattern to 2011. It all starts like poop in a ceiling fan, but at the end of the year we finally see the clouds disapear, and, unlike 2011, this time they will really make way for slowly improving better days ahead, during which things are getting done, and done right as well for a refreshing change!

Saturn in a Hexagon with Pluto
October 25. 2012 – May 29. 2013
Brave and tough. They last longer than most others. They have a well developed understanding for structures and numbers that makes them, together with their ability to relentlessly concentrate and bring efforts, capable of managing and handling entire organizations. They also seem to be on a mission and will create new structures where necessary. In that way they will leave their personal mark on whatever they do, or whom ever they get involved with. If the outcome of their efforts will be that profitable in the end may be another question though.
Things will get done during this time frame, that’s for sure, as the involved degrees involved are mainly hard working, achievements seeking as well.

And finally a glimpse into 2013, check the January 10. 2013 chart and you see nothing but two positive aspects, once again proof that nothing ever lasts forever, also not miserable times!