Detailed 2018 forecast timeline based on astrological aspects

For a simplified VISUAL overview of the various positive and negative astrological aspects happening in 2018 and 2019 please check on my earlier post at

The astrological aspects for 2018 (and in a large part for 2019 as well) interpreted in a timeline order:

Jupiter positive to Neptune
April 21 through Sept. 18
(Samaritans who take very much part in other people’s well-being. They have a lot of fantasy and are usually very tolerant towards others. Besides their philosophical attitude they also have a good sense for profitable opportunities. But worldly stuff is not so much their thing, they prefer to swim in an ocean of superior enlightenment, a feeling of constant spiritual highs. )

Mars negative to Moon node
May 22 through Oct. 6
(Disturbances and fights will occur when they try to make contact with others. Their aggressive and mostly misplaced attitude can produce nervous upsets in others, so most people will prefer to just leave them alone. Since they can’t fit into the attitude around them they will also often experience bad luck. In case of the opposition they seem to have a
completely own explanation for everything and act accordingly. This will eventually make them some enemies. )

Saturn positive to Uranus
June 18 through Nov. 3
(Serious and reliable. Talent to make the best use of experience in combination with new methods. They may have to struggle a bit along the way, but they will be successful in the end. Upright as they are they can also understand complicated issues rather quickly and they can also focus on the tasks ahead very well. )

Neptune positive to Pluto
June 23 through Sept 18, again June 9 2019 through Oct. 6 2019
(This is THE aspect of our times. It is because of this aspect that human kind has made such huge advances in technology, science or social politics. The positive search for new ways to become popular, powerful or wealthy, has pushed us all in big Steps ahead, and will so until we are gone. )

Mars negative to Uranus
July 9 through Oct. 4
(Very tense and nervous, they will have a hard time just to find enough of inner balance to keep them from exploding constantly.
Their ability to judge situations is rather wrong, mistakes will occur. With this they will almost certainly lose money where the II. house is involved. With the VI. house involved they will end up in the OP, because they often use their force without any control, which leads to accidents. Naturally there are also rather tense situations with friends and partners, they often even provoke such in spite. If the VIII. House is involved, they may die in a violent incident)

Uranus negative to Moon nodes
July 11 through Feb. 19 2019
(Tense and nervous when around people. Sudden accidental events around them hamper or even disrupt social contacts.
Bad luck seems to follow them wherever they go, but it is, of course, they’re revolutionary attitude that estranges them from others. )

Jupiter positive to Pluto
August 6 through Oct. 9
(Honorable leaders and organizers who know how to make dreams come true. They also have the necessary fortune for that. If the VI.
House is involved they will be interested in psychology or chemistry. With the X. House involved they will end up in a very powerful position. They will also be respected by the opposite sex or have the talent to realize intuitively when something is not right, and more so, they know how to get it right. )

Saturn positive to Neptune
Dec. 9 through Dec. 30 2019 (!!)
(Like to plan behind the scene but have good moral values and can behave themselves very decently. With hard work they can
achieve their goals and have a strong sense for togetherness in a partnership. They do have a Sherlock Holmes type of instinct that makes them realize hidden facts so they make naturally also good inspectors or even secret agents.)

Jupiter negative to Neptune
Dec. 13 through Feb. 19 2019
(Life in a world of illusions, far away from any responsibilities. They may be on a constant search for enlightenment but have nothing but chaos all around them. They may be friendly but don’t realize to whom they turn to. They may pretend great plans – while all they can actually achieve is filling up their bellies or indulge in other excessive abuse)

Mars negative to Saturn
January 9 2019 through Feb 2 2019
(Too hard and sober for comfort. There will always be some obstacles in their way to success. If the VI. house is involved they will experience problems with the structure of their bones, have accidents, or become victims of their own or other people’s violence. Often they may start something but get somehow frustrated in between and never finish it, or they try to push completely hopeless projects through. Losses will naturally occur. Relationships can easily turn sour.)

Mars positive to Jupiter
January 11 2019 through Feb. 8 2019
(Practical talents but also full of enthusiasm and joy of living. They will be rather successful in any sort of business or investment (if the II. house is involved). Their full efforts will always be rewarded. Above all that they do not forget those who are not so lucky, they like to give real help too. They also like to be as independent as possible.)

Pluto negative to Moon node
January 29 2019 through July 10 2019
(Too strong a desire to be someone special. Therefore difficulties with others. Acting against common interest could lead into a tragic life. )

Saturn negative to Moon node
March 10 2019 through Nov. 12 2019
(Nobody seems to like people with such an aspect because they can’t adapt to anything. On the other hand they have a lot of worries and are so conservative that they miss out on most chances society may have to offer. Hearty relations can’t be expected. In case of the opposition they may have the special talent to work out complicated applications in
perfect detail. )