Chinese Astrology by Rudolf Megert, Art and Research is no different from Chinese Astrology by most other Chinese or common Astrologers.
The difference may only be in the use of a total overall combination of western and Chinese Astrology

When Chinese Astrology comes into play westerners will easily be faced with a few questions about it’s differences to the Western Horoscopes.

One of the most prolific parts is the 5 Elements in Chinese Astrology (which had me thinking and researching for years, with a very interesting result).

I personally would describe the difference between Chinese Astrology and Western Astrology as follows;
The Chinese Astrology reflects the Chinese way of thinking in pictures and is a lot easier to dig, the Western Astrology equally reflects on the typical European love for complicated intricate ways to get into every detail possible.

  • The Western Astrology allows much more use in deeper detail, especially when it comes to calculating best places of living around the globe and of course the so called astrological transits that can inform the person of the quality of time a day, week, month or for years ahead so he or she knows what they are going to go through in the any future time, a valuable tool for anyone who has to produce decisions or is into planning activities in advance, or even for artists who like to know ahead of time when the muse is going to kiss them for great creative expressions.
  • The Chinese Astrology can’t offer this kind of in-depth time analysis, it can only do the yearly outlook which is a rather vague – but none the less useful – tool of forecasting.

The 5 paths in Chinese Astrology – as there are; the 5×12 Years, the Seasons and the Elements, the 24 double weeks, the 28 Moon houses, and the 12 double hours, – are however an interesting concept to study people and their motives or ways and also simplify astrology compatibility comparisons, so called Love compatibility horoscopes.
In addition to these 5 paths in Chinese Astrology there is also the combinations between Chinese years of birth plus western Star signs.
These combinations always make for entertaining and informative reading, and they are also an easy to use good tool for partnership astrology compatibility comparisons.
In all i think the Chinese Astrology and the Western Astrology should always be used together, not one against the other, not only one, but both together make for the best possible horoscope interpretations.

Even though i can not offer free horoscope interpretations or free horoscopes at all, as a professional Astrologer since almost 20 years i do practice what i preach above, astrological advice by Rudolf Megert offers always total astrology information combining Chinese Astrology with the core western horoscope interpretation to reflect both, an easy to understand as well as a comprehensive scientific 100% accurate astrology chart interpretation for his private clients, always with a 1 year future cast and the present situation as part of every horoscope interpretation delivered on a completely individual basis.

12 thoughts on “Chinese Astrology

  1. I, not long ago came throughout this site and also have enjoyed the content. I look forward to long term content and can definitely hyperlink to this and tell the folks I understand. Thank you.

    1. Glad you find my astrological Information on the Chinese Astrology as well as the combinations with the Western Astrology useful Antonio.

      “Long term content”?
      I will most certainly keep the yearly outlooks at the end of each year coming, after all, it’s good brain cells exercise for myself and gives me the run through the next year as well right away and for reference any time in between.

  2. Many thanks for this fascinating article. I will make sure you get the word out about this internet site :) Outstanding publish. Can’t wait to find out the subsequent article.

    1. Thanks for the flowers Tiffaney, especially since my yearly posts are basically made for my own use.
      I need to know myself what’s up with that famous future of ours, so i check, and the best way to actually dig and memorize it is to write it down – and well, since something like 1995 or so we might as well put it online and share it with anyone interested, i’d say that IS the best part of the http://WWW….

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