Astrology Compatibility by Rudolf Megert, Art and Research for partnership comparisons or so called Love compatibility horoscopes are also an Astrological Advice Service i have extensive experience with.

The simple way to compare 2 lovers (or possible partners to be) astrology compatibility is that silly old Star Signs comparison.

Of course, this is a totally superficial way to find out where the good or bad sides are in a union of 2 people.

Astrologer Rudolf Megert conducts astrology compatibility and love horoscope comparisons on a typical scientific level too.

2 horoscope charts will be established first. (These love astrology horoscopes are not done as free astrology, a single horoscope calculated, individualy custom drawn by hand and the horoscope interpretation that comes with it are a time consuming work, please read more more on astrology compatibility and other rates for astrological advice.) These 2 horoscope charts will then be overlayed to report on all aspects found between the planets constellation from one astrological chart to the other. This is the only true way to get in-depth detailed information on where and what positive or negative effects will come of a chemistry between 2 people.

I also compare the Chinese Astrology settings for such astrology compatibility and love horoscope comparisons, this usually includes the years, the elements, the moon houses, and the double hours of the Chinese Astrology.

Astrologer Rudolf Megert additionally compares also the astrological house systems of the 2 peoples horoscopes because my own personal astrological researchclearly indicates that astrology house systems very close to one another are the best choice for partnerships, whereas partners with greatly different astrological house systems will go through very different interests in time and therefore find hardly similar interests at the same time, a very important issue in any intimate relationship.

    As you may gather, astrological advice by Rudolf Megert is by no means a superstitious astrological advice service and not really intended to serve the masses but rather the intelligent individual who prefers to be well informed and advised before reaching any conclusions or making important decisions in life, may that be for love or business or any other type of planning in terms of Time, Place and Personalities.

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