Why is Astrologer Rudolf Megert better then anybody else when it comes to 100% accurate scientific astrological advice, horoscopes and all questions relating to any Time, Place or Personality ?

It’s in the astrological research and the knowledge base collected with it!
(Diese Astrologische Beratung ist auch in deutscher Sprache erhältlich, in der gleichen 100% wissenschaftlich akkuraten Qualität)!

The difference:
My 17 years of Astrological Research into what is fact and what superstition in Astrology combined with my experience in 1-on-1 personal (plus numerous served astrological advice online customers worldwide) astrological advice as well as my own innovative independent thinking led to a collection of knowledge superior to any common astrologer worldiwde.

100% scientific accuracy in astrological advice is the norm in my horoscope interpretations not the impossible.

My Astrological Advice serves those best who need

  • Consultation in time related planning for business or personal matters
  • Public relations timing assistance
  • All those who simply want 100% scientific accurate no-nonsense Astrological Advicein anything personal
  • Love and partnership compatibility comparisons
  • Global best-places-to-be-at planning, exclusively only from the world leader in Astrology, scientific Astrologer Rudolf Megert

This is a fully professional astrological advice service providing you with in-depth horoscope analysis and straight forward astrological advice, please review my price list and Horoscope Examples before contacting me with your inquiry.

Contact form for astrological advice. – You do not need to fill in the details of your birth if you only want to inquire about my astrological services!


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