2020 annual worldwide astrological outlook revised, Covid-19 issue

Someone mocked me for not being able to predict the Covid-19 pandemic.

Yet, already before that i begun to feel pretty embarrassed, asking myself “why did i not see something as dramatic as this coming”?

So i double checked all aspects, degree positions and signs the long term (slower moving) planets pass (and passed) through since October 2019. The result is – there is NO aspect, NO degree position that would indicate such an apparent horrific situation!! Some other astrologers (with a much much smaller base of knowledge than your scientific astrologer Rudolf Megert has collected since his start with astrology in 1986) made claims that a big conjunction of the planets Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, plus very briefly also Mars, in Capricorn would invoke such a global outbreak – yet, neither of these planets in conjunction with one another has this kind of interpretation!

I quote here from my very own astrology book:

“Jupiter / Pluto
Have a very deep understanding of the human nature, would make good judges therefor. Besides of that, they might often be unsatisfied. They’re high ideals would like to break trough but those could lead out of regularity, so they must be kept at bay. It is also possible that others try to do them some harm, in a back stabbing manner, but they have great recovery energies.

“Saturn / Pluto
Ambitions to change the world. Naturally they have a big impact, even if it all goes on in a rather secret fashion. Danger may occur to them when they try to influence a whole crowd or an entire community because it is not certain that they’re efforts
going in the right direction. Above all they torture themselves with criticism and may end up in in rather difficult circumstances”

If this sounds like a horror scenario that could cause a pandemic i change my name to Banana!! Mind you, said planets passing through the third and last sector of Capricorn, in the Chinese astrology also referred to as the Moonhouse of the pheasant, has no critical degree positions, to the contrary, quite considerate degrees mostly.

So, why is there an outbreak of such horrific proportions anyway, not indicated by some astrological constellation?

Simple answer – i can only guess!

One somewhat interesting observation on the side though. There is one specific astrological aspect that can point to such kinds of outbreaks, collapses on a global scale (and, that’s it, out of all long term negative aspects this is the only one that could potentially point to such a negative event!!) This would be a negative aspect between Pluto and Neptune. Nope, no such aspect in sight for a long long time, to the contrary, a positive aspect between these two planets is happening also this year for a certain time frame starting somewhere in July – but, for myself, i do have this aspect as a transit in my personal horoscope!!  It started mid February and will end mid June for me – and it coincides with the start of the global scale part of the virus outbreak! That is a bit odd. So, would this mean that once my negative aspect is over the world at large would also see the end of this pandemic??

An interesting thought i would not yet consider as scientific, just something i need to observe come middle of June.  If indeed the pandemic comes to an end by then it would mean two things to me:

The Covid-19 virus acts like a regular flu virus, seasonal only.

Since i will have this same transit aspect once more later in 2021 it would mean there would be a re-occurrence of this particular virus outbreak during the second half of 2021.

But please, do not take this as an astrological prediction, it is only a guess, something i need to observe first and understand better by late June.

Additional, not astrology based questions would be whether this covid-19 is in fact just another (but seriously dangerous) flu and the reaction to it by bureaucrats worldwide was somewhat over the top creating fiscal havoc on top of the health havoc?? But, to a good part the active involvement of politicians as well as science helped us all to understand the grave consequences of not learning how to avoid catching and spreading the-is horrific virus, and that in itself is a good thing we can all use in the future to keep viruses away by self protection measures – if the global polit-elite could agree to set up nation – or worldwide broad information systems accessible easily by all, that alert us of any corona virus outbreaks, and if it is only a mild flu!!