2020 astrological outlook by the astrologyblog part 2

PLEASE ENLARGE FOR PROPER VIEWING of the 2020 astrological events timeline in color coded graphic
PLEASE ENLARGE FOR PROPER VIEWING of the 2020 astrological events timeline in color coded graphic

Since 1985 i have studied astrological facts and separated them from fictions and superstitions.
I have consulted with many people around half of the globe to give useful insight and advice.

Eventually all my collected knowledge ended up on the web, the DEAD END OF REALITY.
Nothing last very long online and the more info we can find the less important any info becomes.

In other words, the efforts i still put up to tell friends or anonymous people via the internet / Facebook, Twitter or email what the next year brings, astrologically speaking, don’t seem worth while all that much anymore.

However, i place a short interpretation here for 2020 and we shall see if i continue on with this in 2021.

In the graphic (see post below) you found a color coded time line with beginning and end dates for each relevant aspect.
Each aspect has a reference number in the order of the beginning date of each aspect so i will use the reference number here for the interpretation.

1) Pluto; 22, 23 and 24 degrees Capricorn, very okay, slow but steady, work and style.
Saturn; from late February to early March rather miserable!
This aspect overall:
Lots of activities and trying – but with uncertain outcomes. Often critical or negative thinking.

2) New connections, new things to learn and seek out, but in general in a discrete way.

3) Helpful, philosophical, rich fantasy. Spiritual too, but also blessed with a good sense for profitable activities.
Neptune; end of January to beginning of February often a bit to angry, later in February even with a self destructive touch added in. March, however, rather harmonious again.
Jupiter; all nice degrees position passing!

4) Aspect with more uncertainties!
Pluto 24, 25 and 23 degrees Capricorn now, all good nice degree positions.
Jupiter; mid April to mid June a bit stressful if not outright depressing.

5) Here is our slowly increasing presence aspect again!
Neptune; 21, 20 and 19 degrees Pisces, all of August to mid September with anger and difficulties interacting with each other lessen the positivity a bit.
Pluto; 24,23,22 degrees Capricorn are pretty nice degrees however.

6) The year will end tense and violent, people become risky losers and aggressors
Pluto; 23 and 22 degrees Capricorn may be able to cover up the underlying anger with work and style.
Mars; 18 through 28 degrees Arias, very active!

7) More losses by pushing hopeless projects or ideas, more risk of violent outbursts and accidents.
Both involved planets degrees transitions as said under Ref. number 6 above.

1 b) Pluto; 24,23,22 degrees Capricorn, same as under Ref. No. 1
Saturn; 29 through 25 degrees Capricorn. A bit heavy or even depressing, all about material values.

3 b) Neptune; 21 to 18 degrees Pisces, 20 degrees again with tendency to aggressions for most of August and first half of September.

4 b) Pluto; 23 and 22 degrees Capricorn make it seem okay
Jupiter ; 18 to 28 degrees, the December portion of this aspect somewhat unhappy.

6 b) Pluto; 23 and 24 degrees Capricorn, Mars; 17 to 29 degrees Arias. Active. Aggression might get somewhat tamed by creativity and stylish attitude.

7 b) Saturn; 1 to 5 degrees Aquarius. Start into 2021 rather depressing.
Mars; 24 Arias through 12 Taurus. VERY active and passionate overall, but over the top mostly.

Summarized and simplified even more:

The first half of 2020 looks quite okay. A bit to much rotation for not enough outcomes perhaps, but at least no big trouble anywhere.
August, September and October are tricky months, things may appear to go steady as planned, but there are tensions lurking that could flare up or even blow up in our faces!!
A little break from the uncertainties, the running around and the tensions during November and then into the final furioso in December and January 2021

2020 forecast based on astrological aspects

Beware of tensions with possibilities of eruptions!

What’s this all about you might ask?

I try to zoom in from a simple angle after the relevant charts for the year to come.

astrological chart for January 1st 2020, long term aspects onlyastrological chart for April 1st 2020, long term aspects onlyastrological chart for July 1st 2020, long term aspects onlyastrological chart for August 1st 2020, long term aspects onlyastrological chart for October 1st 2020, long term aspects onlyastrological chart for December 1st 2020, long term aspects onlyastrological chart for January 1st 2021, long term aspects only

2020, at least from Saturday, 25 January on, when the Chinese year of the Air-Rat* starts.
The Chinese sign of the Rat equals the Western sign of Arias.
Both signs are represented by Mars as their planet in our solar system.
Irony has it that it will be exactly that Mars, in exactly that sign, Arias,
that will bring in some potential for eruptive bursts, this mainly during the northern hemispheres summer and once more later in the year.
To give you a better picture, i can tell you that Japan is an Air-Rat country.
Do you already see where this is going ?
The Air-Rat is greatly talented with mechanics, engineering, machines – but also has flaws like being way to inflexible and thus prone to (earth)quakes, eruptions caused by inner tensions so to speak.

Than we observe the other oddity within the significant planet positions for the year. Except for intervals of above mentioned Mars, Neptune or Uranus, the rest of them are moving through Capricorn, a square sign to Arias.

Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter, frequently all in Conjunction to each other within the last third of Capricorn, that is quite significant.
The details of that i will sort out for you in my next post, only so much for now;
The degree positions in the last third of Capricorn are not horrific, just some of which are a bit to sobering.
The same goes for the last third of Arias, so we will probably get away with some negative crap happening yes, but nothing that could throw us into total despair etc. (but again, details to follow in my next post).

* Huh, Air-Rat, you thought it’s the Metal-Rat, right?
Absolutely, for the Chinese it is Metal, but you can expect more from
your scientific astrologer Rudolf Megert!
How much more you can review in this new table of the basic elements
everything is made of:


So, you see, the Chinese element Metal is Rudolf Megert discovered element Air.
Need more details on the basic elements everything is made of?
Links for further information on this issue:
(Yes, it’s an old page created 1996, looks accordingly :-) but the info is nonetheless readable and valid).
Further more (in German this time around);

Wissenschaftlich akkurate Astrologische Beratung