Astrologyblog outlook for 2019

Dear followers and readers of scientific astrologer Rolf Megert’s astrologyblog, it’s the time of season once again.

Here is the first installment of what’s coming our way in 2019 based on astrological aspects. Here are the relevant charts indicating the slower moving planets aspects that are of significance for 2019 and into the first months of 2020.

So, what do we read within the above 6 astrological long term outlook charts for 2019 above?

It’s actually quite simple this time around, i can phrase it like this “It’s the Moon nodes this time, it’s the Moon nodes”!!

The main (negative) aspect of the year, Chinese year of the Earth-Pig, referring country = Israel,  seems to be Saturn in opposition to the moon node lasting for at least half of the entire year.

The other significant aspect/s of the year i have brushed on in previous years already, the (positive) aspects of mainly Neptune and Pluto but in 2019 also accompanied by Saturn Neptune.

I will add interpretations and precise timelines for the significant aspects of this 2019 astrological outlook astrologyblog post in my next post, but for now let me just add the short and sweat (well, more like sour) meaning of said Moon node to Saturn and Pluto aspects respectively. Please keep in mind though, this is the pure aspects interpretation only! The degree positions involved for the three planets are not considered yet and those (something you can only get from scientific astrologer Rudolf Megert by the way) are the defining value of any long term aspect!

Saturn / Moon nodes

Nobody seems to like people with such an aspect because they can’t adapt to anything. On the other hand they have a lot of worries and are so conservative that they miss out on most chances society may has to offer. Hearty relations can’t be expected. In case of the opposition they may have the special talent to work out complicated applications in perfect detail.

(Yes, we have an opposition here, but as you can guess, if you feel worried and no one likes you in 2019 it’s probably not you but just the miserable times the world is going through)!

On to

Pluto / Moon nodes

To strong a desire to be someone special. Therefore difficulties with others. Acting against common interest could lead to a tragic live.

Keep it real during this time frame i can only advice.

Again, the degree positions will define how bad or easy these two aspects will affect us all in 2019 (these details will follow in my coming astrologyblog post before the 1st of January 2019).
One thing is clear though, not your wonderful hugging everyone (plus some trees) year awaits us – but i can also say that we have been through far worse years.
It’s all about knowing in advance and adjusting expectations, at least as far as the global general public is concerned.

I’d like to end this astrologyblog post on a philosophical note.
What distincts us humans from animals?
Our instincts or our intellect?
Okay, i guess you all agreed, it’s gotta be the intellect.

Knowing about astrological aspects and their impact on us all helps us understand the time we live through – already in advance, so we can stir our ship clear of unwanted issues as good as possible, or at least know we do not need to expect 12 months of Woodstock parties in 2019 nor see politicians getting closer to those that pay all their expenses :-(

With instinct alone you might sense the quality of time too, at the present moment only though. You will have no real clue why nor how long this will go on – and that is often a vital tool to manage your live, your business, your finances or family activities!


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