Rejoice, 2017 IS the turning point for better times!

We are not there yet while i write this astrological forecast for 2017, but as you will read on in this outlook for 2017 it is now really just a matter of (a short) time.

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Mark this date RED in your calendars – 23. March 2017
It is of great significance because it marks the final end of this negative awful and destructive aspect between Uranus and Pluto!
I repeat this is now the end of destructive activities which undermined our societies in the past few years!

The severity of the above negative aspect has already diminished somewhat in that more common sense and reliability started to emerge by the positive aspect between Uranus and Saturn.
This aspect is currently already active and will continue to the 4. of July and emerge once more from the 1. of October through 17. of December.
A time for more honesty and practical approaches.

However, it’s not yet all roses either, we still have Jupiter standing pretty much in the way of real good times for an extended period in 2017.
Right now there are still 2 negative aspects by Jupiter.
There is Jupiter in opposition to the Moon nodes, it’s the bad timing syndrome, contacts fall apart, people feel left alone and get miserable in turn, not exactly exciting.
This aspect will currently end on the 3. of April, but flare up once more from the 6. of September through to the 17. of October, fortunately not for to long anymore.

Of considerably longer duration is the negative aspect between Jupiter and Pluto this year.
Currently active it will only briefly end at the 14. of May, but than already restart at the 24. of June through to the 23. of September.
That’s the fanatics’ time, people act pushy – but actually do not achieve much with this arrogant approach, setbacks are inevitable and the higher the risk taken the greater the failure that could result, caution is advised, a calm and level-headed approach is a wise choice during this time frame, or, to put into different words, DON’T GET COCKY during this aspects’ duration!

So, that was that on the negative time frame of 2017, it’s all over with negativity by the 17. of October!

Now we can turn to the new positivity that starts to evolve slowly but surely in 2017, the year the tide turns for the better.

From the 10. of March through to the 7. of November
we’ll see a lengthy positive aspect between Saturn and the Moon nodes.
People are finally starting to talk to each other again, with patience and preferably with the older, more mature generations, meaning we will see a more conservative attitude and people returning to going with the common flow rather than opposing or destroying everything achieved before the turn of the millennium.

In addition there will also be a positive aspect between Uranus and the Moon nodes.
Starting on the 31. of April through to the 22. of August.
This could mark a turn to even more exchanges between people, more traveling, more learning through new experiments and quick adaptions to new situations. If we’re lucky it can also bring new political reforms for the better.

Finally we have a third positive aspect involving the Moon nodes, this one to Jupiter.
This aspect will only be active from the 13. of August to the 28. of September.
Easy going times this late summer, a great time to find happiness together with others!!

Now the best comes last in this 2017 forecast based on astrology.
It so happens that we will experience the first shy and short re-appearance of that very very long term positive aspect between Neptune and Pluto which I mentioned before in my post
Its duration in 2017 is only brief, from the 11. of July through to the 26. of August.
In short, the POSITIVE search for new ways to advance in everything is now officially under way and will be of a longer period of time each year to follow from 2017 onward.