Astrological comparison of Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump

Okay, please pay attention, this is NOT one of my normal scientific astrology and in-depth analysis entries but rather “just for fun” info material on the astrological situation of the 2 US presidential candidates trying to win the 2016 elections.

It’s mainly just about the Chinese year of birth for each of them and in addition the Chinese year / Western star sign combination plus the so called Chinese Moon house, a summery of birth year, month and day – and, must i mention it, the birthdays where shown to me by our most used robot, Google search, for “official birthday of ..”, so the astrological analysis of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump below can only be accurate if these birthdays are reported correctly.

Fun and games … about the US elections ..
Google tells me Hillary is born
October 26, 1947
whereas The Donald is born
June 14, 1946
So, let me do a little bit of astrology work on these 2 now …

Well look at that, Hillary is “Brazilian”!!
Year of the Fire – Pig
22. 1. 1947 – 9. 2. 1948
Always with total courage and enthusiasm engaged. Preferably in some big project or adventure. Very similar to the Oxygen
– Pigs also these ones often have overwhelming sensual emotions. If those emotions go out of control these pigs may end up loosing everything they built up. These pigs mainly prefer to work within a big crowd because they simply like to have action all around. If they have a family where they can live out all their emotions they will be capable to make a fortune. But they
can just as well be unpredictable tyrants who even like to indulge in their guilty feelings. Some say these Pigs have so much
faith in themselves their opponents simply get bewitched. COUNTRY : Brazil

Let’s see Donald’s year now.
Years of the Fire – Dog
2. 2. 1946 – 21. 1. 1947
Enthusiastic fighters for righteousness. Honest, warmhearted and helpful idealists with the talent to make others following
them. Obstacles cant stop these dogs, they grow on them. As attractive as they are, the opposite sex is drawn to them, they
may even stay often in the limelight. To push these dogs to do something they do not want to do is not going to bring any
results. Should they be attacked, they do not only bark, they bite! With their honesty and strong will they will maneuver
themselfes into a successful life. All though loyal characters like the other dogs, these ones need the thrill of new experiences
with people very much.

(hmm, what about his taxes, there are some rumors flying around that he tricked big time…?)

Anyway, next step the 2 year/ star sign combinations now.

For Hillary we have:
Pig / Scorpio
More common sense than usual for a pig and also a good feeling for the right people. This combination knows a bit better how
to avoid getting involved with people that only cause problems for them. Often they simply go their way alone anyway, along some paths where they don’t have to worry so much. They have a couple of strong ambitions and go after their pursuit with total engagement. On the other hand there are the desires. It may be this hidden sensuality that makes them intensively
attractive to a certain type of people. Maybe someone sponsors them, just to have them around.

For Donald we have:
Dog / Gemini
Very spontaneous and temperamental, this combination is a bit less careful than most other dogs because they want to see
something, they are looking for adventures and exotic places. For that matter they simply forget about their warning instincts. Since they are brilliant and intelligent they have no trouble to make their points heard and would fight anyone who’d try to take advantage of their independent nature. Their outer appearance is usually very tempting for the opposite sex. They know that, of course, and may use it to make plenty of experience in that field. However, once seriously engaged they will be faithful, tender lovers. Sometimes they do get impatient and start to criticize everything around them.

Certainly 2 very different types on people!

Let’s see the final thing, their respective Chinese moon houses:

For Hillary we have:
12. The Swallow
A nervous fragile temper and a sense for everything fine and beautiful. With this attitude they become very choosy about the people they can actually have around. Nevertheless, they are very sociable. Other people usually try instinctively to be as cultivated and attractive as possible around them, but to get personal may still be difficult for the Swallow. The more stylish and cultivated they get, the more they drift away from everybody else. At their jobs or in business they tend to reach out to quickly for compromises. With very persuasive people they reach soon a limit where they have simply nothing left to offer anymore.
Tender love affairs only for the females, please. They are just not made for dish washing and so on.
It should rather be a romance that never goes to deep under the skin. Besides of that they can sublimate their sexuality into a love for art and flowers or so. As long as they feel more or less loved they are loyal partners because they are a bit worried about changes.

And for Donald:
3. The Badger
Loyal, busy and tolerant types, even with humor. A bit of everybody’s friend but nobody’s true buddy. They prefer their
usual day to day routine, without to much exposure to the public. Friends and relations should be for a lifetime, so they will
be there for them when needed. They also like to collect things, keep all sorts of memorabilia – also the bad ones! Those ones
will be cooking on low fire for an endlessly long time.
The male Badgers fit in everywhere but do not like ironic or overly elegant people. They like the classical type of woman. A
bit of mother, a bit of a good friend, and interested in a lifelong companionship.
(Sounds like a classical New Yorker to me)?

So now, which one of the two candidates looks better from this (admittedly still very superficial) brief astrological outlook on the 2 US 2016 presidential candidates from a more Chinese astrology angle??

Neither of the 2 stands out as a super mega leader type, both are fire-heads, which makes for fun debates.

The biggest difference is, however, Hillary is definitively the more conservative, old school type, whereas Donald is all for modern ways ahead, with just a hint of conservatism added into the mix.