Astro forecast 2016 Vol. 2

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – well, here you go, the complete overview of relevant (longer lasting) astrological aspects between the slower moving planets of our solar system from December 1. 2015 through April 30. 2017! (Click anywhere on the image for full size viewing).
Red segments are negative periods of time.
Green segments are positive periods of time.

astrological aspects graphic for 2016
astrological aspects graphic for 2016

Now what does this tell us??

  • The simple version ….
    Busy 17 months ahead as far as astrological aspects are concerned.
    Up to the 6. of December 2015 just a mean and miserable time!
    Spring 2016 the most complex time with multiple positive and negative astrological aspects.
    Summer 2016 the most negative period of time.
    Although there are mostly positive and negative aspects keeping some kind of balance, there is absolutely no moment of purely positive times through the 17 coming months.
  • The Chinese astrology version ….
    Pointing out the two main countries is relevant here, just consider the German outlook and the dreadful consequences from actions inflicted on Europe by the previous generation and you can connect the dots with the poison from Scorpio, (which is the Western astrological equivalent to the Chinese sign of the Goat) while none the less exhibiting industrious ingenuity and behaving in an introverted manner.
    Then consider the USA, a nation of warriors, one of the most aggressive ones on this planet, who are very active, if not driven to great things no one else even dared to try before. Apparently, however, there always seems to be a built-in mechanism to self-destruct, nothing they do or achieve lasts very long and domestic violence is present everywhere, a mix of unrivaled optimism and an equally unrivaled anger, no strangers to cheating and abusing either – yet on the other hand totally beholden to the concept of law and order everywhere.

What we mainly have in 2016:
Arias / Capricorn tensions
Virgo / Sagittarius / Pisces tensions
Sagittarius / Arias positives
Virgo / Pisces / Capricorn positives
In other words, the slower moving planets are moving around the above 5 signs hence we have this bundle of positives that mostly have joining negatives as well.

Detailed report to follow;
What degree positions are involved (the most important part)?
What do the various aspects mean?


2 thoughts on “Astro forecast 2016 Vol. 2

  1. In column three of the chart for 2016 overview (which is brilliant btw) you use a sign that looks like a croquet hoop for the aspect between Jupiter and the north node. I am unfamiliar with this symbol. What does it indicate? Thanks!

    1. Hi Nalini, “crocket hoop” sounds great :-)
      But it ain’t, it’s simply an arch that combines 2 planets, also known as a CONJUNCTION (2 planets are close together).
      In this case Jupiter and the Moon node move along through a portion of Virgo for an unusually long period of time, that’s why i also show this particular conjunction aspect in the chart.

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