Vol. 3 of the 2016 outlook based on astrological constellations


Introductory words for Vol. 3 of the 2016 – Chinese year of the Fire-Monkey – outlook based on astrological aspects.

The GLOBAL quality of time always has 2 levels (unlike the quality of time for individuals, which has 3 levels).

  • Level 1 is obvious, the aspects.
  • Level 2 will vary according to the astrologer’s knowledge base, lesser astrologer simply takes the sign from within which a planet builds an aspect and that’s that, say Pluto travels through Capricorn. On the scientific level of Astrologer Rudolf Megert what matters most to determine the precise “coloration” of any planets aspect are the DEGREE positions through which a planet travels during an aspect, and the difference is often huge, but always of the ultimate importance to accurately determine the quality of time!

Before i begin with the details – please refer to the easy-to-go-through graphic at the astrological outlook for 2016 Vol. 2 post on this astrologyblog for the precise duration data for all aspects details mentioned below.
Also see https://astrologyblog.wordpress.com/2015/11/18/a-first-glance-into-the-global-general-astrological-outlook-for-2016/ (as well as posts from the past few years) for astrological charts in relation to this 2016 forecast as well as explanations of the most important long duration aspects.

Neptune movements producing aspects to other planets within these 17 months:
Pisces 7 – 12 degrees.
What does this mean?
Sensitive, introverted, harsh on the outside yet also on the lookout for new horizons – while still being connected to the past and maybe with a preference to solitude with the promise of inner peace, that is the short interpretation of these 6 degree positions.
In other words, neither of them is dangerous, aggressive or violent – which is definitively a good thing in combination with the otherwise pretty bad long lasting aspect to Saturn.

So, let’s look at Saturn‘s degree positions within this time frame;
Sagittarius 8 – 16 in combination with the negative aspect to Neptune and Sagittarius 12 – 28 in combination with the positive aspect to Uranus.
What does this mean?
8 degrees Sagittarius is pretty bad and needs special observation. Anger and frustration erupt out of control here.
Fortunately, this only lasts from the last day of Nov. 2015 through to Dec. 9, 2015, with ten days of really bad tempers flaring up!
11 degrees will also exhibit little self-control, but not in combination with violent outbursts and only happening through the Christmas and New Year vacation period, most likely a lot of people will wish to travel to places which are more relaxed and pleasant than where they normally live.
The rest of the degree positions during the negative Neptune – Saturn aspect are of much less concern, sportive, active, interested in getting around and all the usual stuff attributed to Sagittarius in general.
For the positive aspect of Saturn to Uranus i would like to point out that there are various degrees that are not exactly positive in nature, mainly 18, 21, 22, 23, these all are kind of “murderous” degrees coming from self identity problems, too many negative questions about their state of being, a bit psychotic – but let’s remind you, there is still a positive aspect behind these degree positions, meaning people will start to dig into their situations in a more critical but productive fashion.

Since we are at Uranus anyway, let’s get the degree positions this planet will travel through;
Aries 16 – 23 in combination with the very difficult negative aspect to Pluto and 17 to 28 with the positive aspect to Saturn (the negative aspect to Jupiter happens through a portion of the same degrees as with Saturn).
What does this mean?
For anyone thinking about Aries as the “god of war”, sorry fellas, there’s NO such indication in any of the degree positions affected.
It’s more about passion and some sensuality, the drive to be something and have someone for the more intimate pleasures. There’s also a tendency to spend more money than really necessary (but hey, that’s just fine for that overly threaded term “economy”). It is all mainly about relations, the right kind of relations that is, sexual relations preferred, and success in whatever they do or seek to achieve.
So how does this relate to the difficult negative aspect that has been hanging on for too many years already and will finally vanish completely by the end of 2017?
May i point to a certain type of mice in Australia, the ones that start to mate like crazy as soon as they are old enough and continue non stop until they die of exhaustion. Yep, it maybe just too much action to try and get what everyone wants to have so that there’s little more in the end than a lot of wasteful trying and little to show for in good results but perhaps a lot of shattered dreams and hopes – still better than some insane wars where absolutely no one wins. During the positive aspect to Saturn it is all clear, activities will bring good and enjoyable results or relations.

Now let’s look at Pluto‘s degree positions;
Capricorn 14 -19 for the negative aspect to above mentioned Uranus. The other spects of Pluto happening within these 17 months are also ALL within these very few degrees.
What does this mean?
14 is actually a rather wonderful degree, despite having just become active as the Paris terrorist attack happened. Of far greater concern is 15 degrees because here we have once again this short tempered quarrelsome attitude of all those that would like to .. but really don’t have either, the stamina, fortune or discipline to get there.
Degrees 16 through 19 however are of the deeper digging and serious nature, how things look and perseverance are now the main trends. So we have the time frame of 15 degrees where we should pay attention to. It starts exactly as the Christmas holidays begin and lasts until the middle of January 2016. Much longer again than for August through the middle of November in 2016.

Finally i should also look at the Moon nodes degree positions;
Virgo / Pisces 22 – 9 for the lengthy negative aspect to Saturn, the positive aspect to Pluto is covered also within these degrees while the negative aspect to Neptune will go as far back as 6 degrees.
What does this mean?
Too many degree positions to go into detail for each since the moon nodes always involve 2 degree positions in precisely opposite signs, but i would like to pick those that are more troublesome – while all others are of little concern as far as something really terrible that could happen to our planet.
These positions are mainly 17, 18 and 20 degrees Pisces, where especially 17 and 20 stand out as quarrelsome and difficult to be around others.
On the Virgo side it’s the usual calm and collected outer appearance combined with some fire burning deep below and a conviction to do things right, no crazy, wild or even destructive behavior here.
20 degrees Pisces happens during April 2016, 18 and 17 from middle of May through first 2 thirds of June.

Summarizing it all:
Great looks way better, that’s for sure also during the year of the Fire-Monkey 2016!
What stands out is the complete absence of any period of time that would be purely positive. It’s either positive with negatives (in most cases) or plainly negative, boy did the world see better times than these!
It will be hard to tell when or what is good and a success or what is just awful crap, staying cool maybe the task of the year.
Flaring tempers off and on, may have to be expected, but to all of this there will be a seriously concerned backdrop that will enable us to think and search for future improvement on how our society can, this time around, hopefully exist without any extremes such as warfare.

Astro forecast 2016 Vol. 2

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – well, here you go, the complete overview of relevant (longer lasting) astrological aspects between the slower moving planets of our solar system from December 1. 2015 through April 30. 2017! (Click anywhere on the image for full size viewing).
Red segments are negative periods of time.
Green segments are positive periods of time.

astrological aspects graphic for 2016
astrological aspects graphic for 2016

Now what does this tell us??

  • The simple version ….
    Busy 17 months ahead as far as astrological aspects are concerned.
    Up to the 6. of December 2015 just a mean and miserable time!
    Spring 2016 the most complex time with multiple positive and negative astrological aspects.
    Summer 2016 the most negative period of time.
    Although there are mostly positive and negative aspects keeping some kind of balance, there is absolutely no moment of purely positive times through the 17 coming months.
  • The Chinese astrology version ….
    Pointing out the two main countries is relevant here, just consider the German outlook and the dreadful consequences from actions inflicted on Europe by the previous generation and you can connect the dots with the poison from Scorpio, (which is the Western astrological equivalent to the Chinese sign of the Goat) while none the less exhibiting industrious ingenuity and behaving in an introverted manner.
    Then consider the USA, a nation of warriors, one of the most aggressive ones on this planet, who are very active, if not driven to great things no one else even dared to try before. Apparently, however, there always seems to be a built-in mechanism to self-destruct, nothing they do or achieve lasts very long and domestic violence is present everywhere, a mix of unrivaled optimism and an equally unrivaled anger, no strangers to cheating and abusing either – yet on the other hand totally beholden to the concept of law and order everywhere.

What we mainly have in 2016:
Arias / Capricorn tensions
Virgo / Sagittarius / Pisces tensions
Sagittarius / Arias positives
Virgo / Pisces / Capricorn positives
In other words, the slower moving planets are moving around the above 5 signs hence we have this bundle of positives that mostly have joining negatives as well.

Detailed report to follow;
What degree positions are involved (the most important part)?
What do the various aspects mean?