Dear Money Printers, the future will be bright and positive again

Recently I had a short discussion with an experienced friend of mine, about the current issue with central banks of so many nations simply printing new money at will with no backing in gold or any other reserve assets

This gave rise to so many people crying wolf and singing the darkest of Black Swan songs … along the line of … everything will simply collapse like a house of cards.

On the other hand, my view is that maybe all these politicians and bankers pin their hopes on a recovery scenario, one in which people will again throw money out the window and shop till they drop, thereby forcing industries to increase production to meet demand and increase the labor force with the result that everyone will be happy and prosperous again.

Dear politicians and central bankers, it will surprise you to know that your hopes and wishes will come true, and all the nay-sayers will need to learn to sing a new tune, one which is more optimistic in tone.

As you no doubt have noticed, this is an astrology blog, wherein I take a look at future trends from an astrological perspective, which means that good times always create positive outcomes, wellbeing, prosperity and
advances in societies….whereas bad times from an astrological point of view will bring the entire system either to it’s knees or just cause trouble, or leave things in low gear.
This is a simple and proven fact over time from long ago before yours truly, this scientific Astrologer Rudolf Megert was born.

This was my reasoning already in my previous astrologyblog post but it looked only at the current miserable time and when that would end.
Very early this morning while swimming in the Olympic size pool of 50 meters in length, with ten lanes, which I had all to myself for three hours, it however struck me, that Neptune is in transit through Pisces and Pluto is in transit through Capricorn. Since Neptune moves faster than Pluto, it would inadvertently have to happen that they will build a positive hexagon aspect at some point in time to one another, indicating very positive times to come.

Coming home I checked on this through the Ephemeries – and indeed, sure enough, we have got ourselves such a lovely and endlessly long lasting aspect to look forward to !

Before I give you the positive time frames I will present you with the general interpretation of this wonderful aspect:

Neptune / Pluto
This is the Aspect of our Century (initially written for this same aspect occurring in the 20th Century already, now extended / renewed in the 21st Century).
It is because of this aspect that human kind has made such huge advances in technology,
science, art and social politics!
The positive search for new Ways to become popular, powerful, wealthy or simply wiser has pushed us all in big steps ahead, (and will do so again soon and for another long long time to come).

Sounds great, does it not ?
And so I will now get to the time frames:
Positive Neptune to Pluto long term aspect coming!

  • The first short start of this hexagon constellation will be on
    23. June 2018 and last until 18. September 2018
  • The next time frame will be starting on
    10. June 2019 and last until 6. October 2019
  • The third term of this positive long term aspect will start on
    27. May 2020 and last until 22. October 2020
  • The fourth term of Neptune (in Pisces) pos. Pluto (in Capricorn) will start on
    15. May 2021 and last until 7.November 2021
  • And the beat goes on … the fifth term will be starting on
    3. May 2022 and last until 26. November 2022
  • Oh well, don’t hold your breath, this story goes on and on … the sixth term starts on
    18. April 2023 (Pluto is now moving into Aquarius for a first brief stint) and last until 17. December 2023
  • By now you probably guessed it, no end in sight, the seventh term starts on
    30. March 2024 and will last until 19. January 2025
  • And, to no surprise now, the eighth term comes along too, starting on
    1. March 2025 and lasting until (now Neptune starts moving into Arias) .. well, all year long into – you know what, forget it, it also lasts for the ENTIRE 2026 AND 2027! Oh, AND 2028!! … AND 2029!!! Cheese, now i am getting exhausted here, never seen an aspect lasting this long in my life time, and sure glad it’s a positive one!! (Besides, Uranus will play into this too somewhere around this time, either already from Taurus or if not there than about the late 20’s from Gemini, that’s a positive aspect to both, Pluto as well as Neptune, i did not think this would happen so soon again, this was happening in the mid 20th century already, from the 40’s to the 80’s in similar off and on stages as above.

Okay, i have to say this is GOOD NEWS, and please note, this aspect is not finished by any means in 2030, but i am finished, i mean exhausted now of checking into the future while it is still the seriously miserable early days of 2015.