How long will the current bad times continue on?

For those suffering from short attention span disorder i’ll make it real short and real sweet:

Mark March 23 2017 GREEN in your agenda, that’s when it all turns to more positive times!

For those who want to know why the astrologyblog’s future outlook based on scientific astrological research can give you such a precise date please read the details below.
By details i mean the main bits and pieces, this is NOT (yet) the annual outlook for 2015 in specific detail, this is a post in search for the light at the end of the current tunnel of misery around the globe!

At this point the astrologyblog (and with it this mid-term future outlook) needs to point out once more, this is a global future outlook (that looks beyond just the outlook for 2015, the astrologyblog is looking for the end of the current miserable times in this post) meaning planet constellations in the coming years that have an impact on us all, whether we live in the Himalayan mountains all by ourselves or in a basement suite along New York’s busiest traffic artery.

Yet, even if the world at large should fall apart, there are still individuals who will have GREAT personal astrological charts during such times, thus these individuals will be less affected or even look like the big beneficiaries of the bad times, but it isn’t really that they benefit from the bad times, their fortune could just as well have happened while the rest of the world was dancing and singing from dusk to dawn 365 days a year.

There are also those who seem to be completely unaffected by all the difficulties.
That’s maybe institutions like Governments, where the entire infrastructure is soooo inflexible and everyone is trying their utmost to hang on to their taxpayers paid paychecks, jobs and all the extra perks taxpayers are forced to pay for them.
Such ADMINISTRATIVE structures become naturally a tremendous burden to the taxpayer and citizen during bad economic times.
To save their deluxe life styles and deluxe infrastructure they rotate the wildest (and most stupid) ideas around and around.
But, as always when the core of the problem is not addressed but instead everything else is messed up, the result is failed activities that have, in the past, proven to destroy entire empires .. and we are at the brink of one more of these types of show downs!
I can not emphasis enough how smart – and lastly self preserving – it would be for any modern Government (or Corporation for that matter) to finally address the core of the problem and start downsizing their overblown internal administrative budgets to lower the burden on taxpayers, seniors, the useless, weak and sick from financing it all at a cost they can’t really afford anymore.

Well, let’s get back to the plain astrological future outlook now, here you go – in numbers, charts (chart drawings are limited to a time frame that roughly covers the Chinese year of the Wood-Sheep, or, as the astrologyblog’s scientific astrologer calls it, the Spirit-Goat year from 2015 into 2016) and the major pointers.

Again, this is the bare-bones outlook data containing all necessary information for anyone who wants to go through the time frames of the main long term planetary aspects occurring 2015 and onward to that “light at the end of the tunnel” point on the 23rd of March 2017!

Jupiter pos. Moon node
26. Jan. 2015 – 6. May 2015

Jupiter pos. Uranus
2. Feb. 2015 – 21. July 2015

long term planetary constellations 1.may.2015
globally relevant planetary constellations 1.may.2015

Uranus neg. Pluto
continues until 28. May 2015
and again
8. Nov. 2015 – 28. April 2016
(This aspects horrible impact has been explained in the 2014 outlook already)
Involved ° positions:
Uranus from 17 to 21 ° Arias
Pluto from 14 to 17 ° Capricorn
Need to observe especially 18 Arias as a wasteful degree, probably bad for the economy in general and more so 15 Capricorn as quarrelsome with mindless activities without enough stamina to get things done right.
Finally, FINALLY!
22. Dec. 2016 – 23. March 2017
Involved degree positions:
Uranus from 21 to 23 ° Arias
Pluto from 17 to 19 ° Capricorn
18 and 19 Capricorn are actually wonderful degree positions, limited problems here, but 22 Arias is of concern, torn inside, clashes and fights are a real possibility while this degree is active!

main planetary aspects 1.july.2015
globally relevant planetary constellations 1.july.2015

Jupiter neg. Saturn
Bad timing and bad calculations as main factors for this aspect.
Misfortune through hastily made assumptions, others will oppose or disturb, yet, things look real mediocre and even boring most of the times.
7. July 2015 – 5. Sept. 2015
15. Feb. 2016 – 1. July 2016
(A rather unusual length of aspect for these 2 planets).
Jupiter’s Virgo degrees are all of no big concern, Saturn’s 10 and 11 Sagittarius however are the “loose canon” degrees, very unpredictable, to temperamental, too quickly losing self control, restless and trying to be or feel important or trying to be a leader with strange methods.

main planetary aspects for 1.sept.2015
globally relevant planetary aspects for 1.sept.2015

Jupiter neg. Neptune
27. Aug. 2015 – 8. Oct. 2015

Jupiter pos. Pluto
17. Sept. 2015 – 12. Nov. 2015

1.nov.2015 globally relevant planet constellation
1.nov.2015 globally relevant planet constellation
planetary aspects for global outlook 1.january.2016
planetary aspects for global outlook 1.january.2016

Saturn neg. Neptune
16. Oct. 2015 – 20. Jan. 2016
and again
15. April 2016 – 1. Nov. 2016
Involved degree positions:
Saturn 10 to 16° Sagittarius
Neptune 10 to 12° Pisces
no really bad degrees, mostly introverted stuff, but watch also here for 10 and 11 Sagittarius, these are 2 “loose canon” positions.

globally relevant planetary aspects 1.march.2016
globally relevant planetary aspects 1.march.2016

Saturn pos. Uranus
6. Jan. 2016 – 19 April 2016