astrologyblog’s 2014 outlook conclusion

Okay, where did the astrologyblog on WordPress by Astrologer Rudolf Megert leave off .. at the best possible time of 2014 apparently.
Now let’s look at what’s to come for fall and winter 2014 and into 2015.

At this point first a note from scientific Astrology researcher Rudolf Megert from this astrologyblog:
I have lived a very active, sportive lifestyle over the past oh so many years, and i have had a remarkable discipline to get my daily sportive swimming done – yet, since this odd Chinese year of the Wood-Horse (or as i call it, the Spirit-Horse, see more details on the Chinese elements converted into modern day scientific understandings at ) started my discipline went somehow down the drain, i felt to often to lazy to get up early and do my thing – and i blame the horses for this. It just appears the hard discipline is not an association that blends well with the horse.

Now let’s see what comes our way from Sept. 25th onwards.

It’s not straight back to horrible, that’s the good news.

We still have a big trine between Jupiter, Mars and Uranus active, but at the same time we now have the 2 negative aspects joining in, Jupiter square Saturn, and more noticeable Pluto square Uranus is back.

Both, Jupiter and Uranus have 2 positive and 1 negative aspect, so we can simply call it a mixed bag.

But, all positive aspects are gone by the beginning of December, and that means the full grunt of the above 2 negative aspects will come into play. But wait, there’s more, more negativity that is, at the turn into 2015 we already have a load of 5 negative aspects, don’t we love that!!
Yes, i try to look at it from a bright angle, but once i get to the details i might lose the light on this particular frame of time too.

Once we are past this do-no-good year of the Chinese Spirit-Horse 2014 and well into the Chinese year of the Wood-Goat (or as i also call it, the Spirit-Goat) 2015 we still see 3 negative aspects, only lightened up by one positive aspect by the beginning of March 2015.

In detail:
As avid readers of this annual forecasts astrologyblog you will already know …
the positive aspect between Mars and Jupiter is only a short lived thing, from the end of Sept. to about Oct. 20th and that’s it.
Nice touch of optimism, joy of living and practical talents for these 3 weeks only.
Mars positive to Uranus also is short lived, from the last weekend of Sept. to mid Oct. and that’s that too.
Nice degrees involved, successful times for those pushing plans forward. Opportunities can be found, especially for all those into technical research.

Jupiter positive to Uranus is already active since Sept. 5. and will go on until Oct. 20.
It’s just a nice little on-the-move type of aspect, you can literally see those wild horses running across the landscape looking for speed, for air in their hair (so to speak), make some contact here or there but never stay to long.

So, around Oct. 20. the grace period looks to be over and seriously serious times lay ahead.
Jupiter negative to Saturn hints to misfortune due to bad timing and false expectations. Fruitless rotations on an average level and not much time to relax.
This negative aspect has started already on Sept. 16 and come to a (temporary) end by Dec. 11.

As already pointed out on the previous post of the astrologyblog’s outlook for 2014, Pluto and Uranus are back into their rather destructive negative square aspect, the danger of negative changes on a global scale, effecting many of us returns. This would be a time to be smart and wise, this would be a time to lay low and sit it out without doing anything drastic, just keep the engine running in standby mode, fix what needs to be fixed but don’t try to change the world now, the change would not be good but rather destructive.
Let’s see if the big wigs can do this for a change….
Bear with us all until May 28. 2015!

As said, the worst comes during winter (Northern Hemisphere).
Adjoining the difficult times is a negative aspect between Saturn and Neptune.
Distrust and a feeling of hopeless vulnerability will set in. Envy, being overly critical of everything or everyone else will also be present, in short, some real misery.
This misery will start at Dec. 15. 2014 and end at the last day of April 2015, but this will only be a temporary end, the aspect will return again later down in 2015 or 2016.
One thing has to be said here, the involved degree positions the various planets building negative aspects during this forecast period of time are all none severe degrees!
This means that we are looking at some truly sad time at the very beginning of 2015, than we will look at some rather crazy times too, but no involved degree is of seriously destructive or awfully bad nature, so we will just go through tense times that make us all feel more like losers sulking in misery rather than having the desire to go all out and start to destroy and crush whatever makes us mad.
Some tragedies might occur nonetheless during the negative Pluto to Moon nodes aspect.
People don’t get along anymore, everyone tries to achieve some more or less unrealistic goals for themselves, usually stuff that goes against the general common interest and therefore might not get very far anyway.
This aspect starts on Nov. 25. 2014 and will end on March 27. 2015.

In addition, a new negative aspect between Uranus and the Moon nodes, will also take place.
Bad luck, tense around other people, to many unexpected or unwanted surprises occur and people act like revolutionaries, just as long as they can oppose other opinions it seems,no time for cuddly feelings.
This aspect starts on December 8. 2014 and ends on March 23. 2015.
By the 1. of March we finally have a slightly better ratio between miserable aspects and some positivity.
To the awfully long lasting Neptune – Saturn and Pluto – Uranus problem we get that positive Uranus to Jupiter aspect back.
Starting February 2. 2015 and ending on July 21. 2015. Very nice degree positions involved on both ends for this aspect for most of the duration!