2014 astrological predictions continued

The destructive negative Uranus Pluto square will have a brief break starting
July 2. 2014
but will be back in it’s violent solutions mode by
September 25. 2014
and remain active until the end of the year of the Spirit-Horse at the beginning of 20’15.

The unfortunate opposition of Jupiter to Pluto will continue until
May 21. 2014
Arrogance and fanaticism lead into drastic attitude’s, any means seem to be justified to get what they want now – just that the higher the risks the greater the failure.
The only fortune in this bad aspect is that there are no really aggressive degree positions involved, people maybe just to introverted to give in to open aggression’s.

In addition to the 2 negative aspects above there’s also the third and final one, Jupiter square Uranus.
This aspect will fade out by
June 2. 2014
A time of hasty behavior in general, things are not thought through very well, finished incomplete and the general attitude is to own, mostly opposing other opinions. To adventurous to be good so to speak, to many high flying promises that are more aimed at abusing others than to bring any progress or success at all.

But wait, as soon as the above negative aspect is finished the next one rolls in,
Mars opposition Uranus
April 9th 2014 through May 20th, a very brief break of a few days and than already back again from May 26th through July 10th
As if we needed this nonsense too, people will be tense and nervous, things are on the edge now, anything could erupt and explode now any time. Misjudgment, out of control outbursts of anger or aggression, 3 months of possible mayhem?? Let’s check on the degree positions to see more.
Uranus between 13 through 16 degrees Arias, glad to say, these are no violent degree’s, maybe more of “throw your money out the window” degrees. Mars however does a much wider range, between 9 through 22 degrees Libra. Nope, glad to say, it may make people more vain than has been, or maybe a bit more egoistic at times, but for all else more harmony oriented, so we might get away without crazy war fare and other clashes and diplomacy will keep the upper hand after all?

Jupiter square Moon node.
June 2nd 2014 through July 14. 2014
Some 6 weeks of rather asocial attitudes, people don’t care much for people anymore and there’s always some bad timing or misjudgment that makes interactions difficult anyway.

So, after July 14 we are finally free of the burden of crappy negative aspects that drive us crazy.
What’s cooking during the positive summer??

Well, it start’s already with a positive trine aspect between Saturn and Jupiter that will begin while there are still negative aspects active.
From the last day of April 2014 through June 16. 2014
not awfully long, but at least the perfect balance to the negative Jupiter / Uranus aspect as this one brings out the reliable, just and practical side in people. Slow progress can maybe start to blossom now.

Mars trine Neptune is this summers savior.
July 28th through August 17. 2014
we finally, for once, have no, zero, negative aspects in sight but only this one positive piece.
And it brings right away new enthusiasm, people have new good visions, become more open and develop once again a good sense for everything in the right proportions. Great, but also awfully short …

Well, let the astrologyblog end this segment of the 2014 outlook / 2014 forecast on this high note, but be advised, there’s the second part of the year to come too later on and the “honeymoon” will be over soon enough to make space for more of the same old bad negative aspects to roll along, only this time of shorter duration than say 2013 into 2014…..