Astrological forecast for the year 2011

Let’s start this with the short overview of the astrological outlook for 2011:

Main negative time from beginning of 2011 until the end of June, with the pesky long lasting Uranus / Pluto square lingering on as the only negative aspect into the second half of 2011. It’s for sure another lonely half a year to come for many of us with little to expect unless it’s bad news….

From the middle of June on we finally start to see some long awaited positivity on our global horizon again, that is at least until the end of November when the balance between positive and negative get’s about even until roughlyt the beginning of the Year of the Water-Dragon in 2012.

Now let’s take a look at the main long term planet positions and especially any aspects formed between them during the year 2011 and into 2012. Below the entire 2011 predictions / outlook / forecast in detail and in the respective timeline:

Jupiter square Moon node
2. January 2011 – 17. February 2011astrological chart for long term planet aspects in January 2011
Bad timing and misjudgment will cause difficulties in any sort of partnership or common interests. A time frame during which most people will feel left alone, and perhaps start to act antisocial.

Uranus square Moon node
12. January 2011 – 9. April 2011
Tense and nervous when around people. Sudden, accidental events could hamper or even separate social contacts. Bad luck seems to hang around, but it is, of course, the result of a revolutionary attitude which estranges people from one another.

Jupiter opposite Saturn
9. March 2011 – 16. April 2011astrological chart for long term planet aspects in March 2011
27. November – 20. February 2012
Misfortune because of erroneous speculations or expectations, also bad timing and therefore often missing out on good opportunities, hence chances to excel into better positions are slim. Average job,  rather boring life all together. It may still be hard to find relaxing times, because there always seems to be someone or something disturbing around.

Saturn square Pluto
1. May 2011 – 29. June 2011astrological chart for long term planet aspects in May 2011
Lack of care for others, maybe everybody feels like five has put a heavier burden on their shoulder than on others. As a result, they may feel often down and heavy. There is also some activity behind the scenes to be expected, intrigue, dictating other peoples lives etc., politicians better take a note of that! The degree positions for Saturn here indicate that it will be mostly people trying to put themselves into the flash light, vanity and ambition in a non-harmonious way.

Uranus square Pluto
12. May 2011 – 29. October 2011
Destructive forces can mount in drastic disasters, or up throw before made achievements for a whole generation! This constellation (from different degree positions though) also happened at the beginning of the 1930s, known as the begining of a World War.
(Important to point out the degree positions involved: on behalf of Uranus: 2-5 degrees Arias, where 2,4,5 are actually wonderful degrees, only 3 is an over spending degree, but certainly nothing violent or destructive here, on behalf of Pluto: 5-7 degrees Capricorn, sure, a bit “British” here, nose up in the air, everyone feels a bit “above the rest”, distant to the crowd, but they all try to do the best they can for the common greater good nonetheless, have also some crazy or even great ideas, overall still a lousy aspect, but at least half as bad as it could be).

Jupiter trine Pluto
12. June 2011 – 17. August 2011astrological chart for long term planet aspects in July 2011
16. September 2011 – 2. December 2011
Honorably leading and organizing, knowing how to make dreams come true, also the fortune for it  Perhaps interested in psychology or chemistry, good time to move up the social ladder, also be respected by the opposite sex, or talented to realize intuitively when something is not right, and more so, to know how to get it right.

Saturn hexagon Moon node
24. August 2011 – 28. October 2011astrological chart for long term planet aspects in Sept. 2011
Patience as attitude, connections to older people are favored, because older people will be protective. Generally just a rather conservative time where everybody prefers to go with the common flow.

Jupiter hexagon Neptune
7. November 2011 – 22. February 2012astrological chart for long term planet aspects mid Jan.. 2012
Samaritans that take very much part in other peoples well being. A lot of fantasy, very tolerant towards others, a philosophical attitude and also a good sense for profitable speculations. But worldly stuff is not so much the thing of time, it’s more about superior enlightenment, a feeling of constant spiritual highs that matters.

Saturn hexagon Neptune
7. November 2010 – 2. April 2012astrological chart for long term planet aspects in Nov. 2011
Good for planning behind the scenes, but with good moral standards. Usually very decent behaving. Goals can now be achieved with hard work or a strong sense for togetherness in a partnership. Sherlock Holmes type of instinct, to also see the hidden facts.

Mars square Moon node
29. November 2011 – 30. December 2011
Disturbances and fights will occur when people try to make contact with others due to an aggressive and mostly misplaced attitude that can create nervous upsets in others, people just can’t seem to fit in with the attitude around them and also often experience bad luck.


7 thoughts on “Astrological forecast for the year 2011

  1. Wow, that is the way it should be done, reading your yearly astrological forecasts is pretty understandable thanks to the way you line them up according to the time these aspüects occure and color code between negative and positive times ahead, keep up this useful job please, thanks so much…

    1. Thanks Harri, just took a look at your own site too and wondered, how do you turn Chinese years into weekly forecasts, i would never come onto such an idea, the years are only good for yearly forecasts as i understand things???

      In any case, yep, the world could truly see better times ahead, awful how accurate my current forecast is.

    1. Good point there, but one must separate personal forecasts and global forecasts like the one on this blog.

      With a personal forecast a CEO or boss or political leader could indeed avoid meetings or public appearances during bad days he knows he is having thanks to his personal astrological forecast – and be especially active when there are good times in his/her forecast. Helps to avoid unnecessary problems for sure.

      This global 1-year forecast serves a more general purpose to simply understand the quality of time we are all going through to some extend.
      This is of great use for the bigger picture planning, like companies making investments, individuals engagded in stocks trading, politicians get a feel of whether they can expect better times or worse so they can plan their fiscal spending accordingly etc.

  2. Hi Rudolf, have recently discovered your site and love the
    content and the design. Although my site is very different I see that
    our client group is similar and I would love to exchange links. Please
    have a look at my site, any feedback would be very much appreciated.
    I’m a Taurus, born 5/5/64 and you can see how strongly influenced by
    Venus the Soulworks website is! Thank you for your time.
    Kindest Regards, Sarah Katz

    1. Thanks for the “flowers” Sarah.
      I have the advantage that i am also a professional web designer and WordPress Applications specialist, hence i can do a little bit more about the looks and functions of my Astrologby Blog than others.

      1964 eh, another Dragon-Lady……
      Exchanging links, i have a section called
      in my side bar to which i can easily add you – but looking through your site and blog i did not find any installment that could accomodate links to like-minded or astrology related external sites, how would you go about that??
      Cooments on your site: (honest as i only can do)
      A nice background image is nice to have, but the menu as the only thing on the main page is probably to confusing to human visitors (at least that’s what happened to me), plus, the menu text for “About you” and “about Sarah” did not fit the space available on my lappy with 125% font size by default.
      Search Engines do not find much of information on your main page either, could be a case of bad seo…
      page however looks very nice indeed…

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