2010 forecast and outlook based on astrological (planetary) constellations

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October 2010 mian astrological aspects
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01 December 2010 main astro aspects
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2011, February 01, main planetary aspects
  • The Chinese Year of the Oxygen-Tiger,
    2010, preview / forecast.
(Again, this is a global forecast, not for a particular individual but rather the general worldwide QUALITY of TIME) !


One more important event will start during 2010, Uranus is back in Arias, apparently not the best situation as it has been indicated in the past, critical events, aggressions, fighting can occur, all in an attempt to get ahead and excel in an often mindless fury of activities.

Of course not only negative, over the coming years there is also positive change in the making due to the Uranus transit through the sign Arias.

Now on to the details.

Let’s start with the time line of significance:


18. March – 2. Sept. Saturn negative to Uranus

29. April – 9. Feb. 2011 Jupiter positive to Uranus

3. June – 25. Sept. Jupiter negative to Pluto

14. June – 16. Sept. Uranus negative to Pluto

5. July – 2. Oct. Saturn negative to Pluto

26. Aug. – 28. Oct. Saturn negative to Moon nodes

28. Sept. -17. Jan. 2011 Pluto negative / positive (conjunction) to pos. Moon node

into 2011

5. Jan. 2011 – 11. Feb. 2011 Jupiter negative to Moon nodes

14. Jan. 2011 – 9. April 2011 Uranus negative to Moon nodes

14. Jan. 2011 – 26. April 2011 Neptune positive to Moon nodes

30. Jan. 2011 – 20. March 2011 Jupiter negative to Pluto

If this all looks a bit to reddish to you, yep, it’s not going to be great fun in 2010 either!

The details:

We just keep rolling along from the later months of 2009 and first months of 2010 as already established at charts
for the main astrological aspects for 2009 and into 2010
In other words, the tenseness of our situation increases along with our inability to focus and think straight also in complicated matters.
The period from 18. March to 2. Sept. adds a touch of danger with technological apparatus and there is just an imbalance between aggressive activities and contemplation.

Good thing there is 1 nice to have positive aspect starting at the end of April that will last as the almost sole positive background throughout this coming Year of the Oxygen Tiger.

An aggressive but mainly fortunate drive forward to future oriented ideas and projects (spring and summer) and a more moderate drive during autumn and winter.

But, that’s not the sole situation either.

The summer will get arrogant, fanatic, even ruthless, everyone is trying to push ahead anyway they can – but at a high probability of eventual failure, perhaps due to lots of “great” ideas but being to inconsequent in the process.

This summer the heavy, lack of care for anyone else, pushy, bossy times from the end of 2009 beginning of 2010 will make a comeback too, maybe this time at least with a bit more civility.

Tuning out a miserable summer, heading for a good part into autumn more no goodnstuff on the path.

It gets worrisome during Sept. and Oct., people just don’t like each other very much anymore and a lot of activities seem to be badly timed because no one can adapt well during this timeframe. Of course many will miss out on possible good opportunities as a result too.

This all fortunately means that by the end of Oct. 2010 the worst is behind!

It’s not going to phase into renewed glorious times none the less, as mentioned already at 2009
forecast – and beyond to 2017
. But at least we finally see once again a brief window in time with mainly positive aspects.

Starting already at the end of Sept. the conjunction between Pluto and the positive Moon node starts to hold a tad more positive than negative, all though no guarantee is given, but once the last negative aspect has finished at the end of Oct. we are looking at Nov. and Dec. as 2 months (wow!) of 1 entirely positive plus 1 semi positive aspects and no, 0, negative aspects!

The infamous “Januarloch” however will hit also in 2011.

Badly timed activities, asocial attitude in people combine with general bad luck and more of that summer’s mindless aggressive attempts to achieve something outstanding that might never actually happens, and so many social contacts will fall apart too during this first quarter of 2011. The arrogance and ruthless pushing we already saw during summer 2011 will have a brief comeback during this period of time as well.

However, finally something refined will appear on the horizon, not to soon indeed.

There will be a more gentle, sensitive spirit in this otherwise not funny time frame too, those with awake and well-developed senses will be able to finally again cease good opportunities as they present themselves, people will start to see the light and with it spot beneficial trends and also find contacts to other sophisticated people again.

This aspect has especially positive weight as all the degree positions Neptune and the Moon nodes will transit over are also strongly positive.


7 thoughts on “2010 forecast and outlook based on astrological (planetary) constellations

  1. No confusion necessary!

    This is not YOUR individual outlook but the general quality of time for all and everywhere on our little planet……….
    Anyway, if you make a million or more, think about me for a donation :-)

  2. nice clear analysis without the clutter of some astrologers. at least we know what is coming. from what i have been reading it is the orthodox control freaks who will be resisting change because they dont want to give up their power

  3. Thanks for your interesting comment Andy.
    Not sure though if those orthodox people will stand much of a chance during the soon starting Chinese Year of the Oxygen-Tiger, remember, we are about to finish the year of the Earth-Ox, not many other combination as stubborn and traditional than this one – but the Tiger years are almost the opposite of that.

  4. Now a days many peoples are interested in astrology. But the most difficult question they face is that where to believe and how to believe. For these kinds of problem Evil Eye, witches, black magic problems, bad spirits, marriage problem, love problem, Vashikaran, Jinnah, cheating boyfriend, cheating, girlfriend, women cheating, men cheating. Visit now.

    1. True, for those who do not understand that Astrology (at least the way i conduct it) is simply the observation of planets movements through the 360° measured by means of the Zodiac and particular positive or negative aspects building amongst these planets that cause either stressful or easy going times, and may not be aware (or even dispute) that each of these planets (and i am sorry dear astronomers, i still consider Pluto as a “planet” in an astrological sense in that it is a valid position to always and ESPECIALLY include in any chart AND even more so in any future outlook) has a certain energy (similar perhaps to magnetic fields but very different in character, varying for each of the planets), and that each planets energy has an impact on everything within our solar system.

      The very best advice for anyone who does not know what to believe or not when it comes to Astrology is to start your own research.

      My Astrology Book script (find it amongst my Blogroll links) allows anyone to start learning and calculating charts and from there on in also interpreting charts.

      Self made discoveries are always the best discoveries!

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