Charts and forecast interpretations for the main astrological aspects for 2009 and into 2010

Feb 1. 2009
Feb 1. 2009
June 1 2009
June 1 2009
Oct. 1 2009
Oct. 1 2009
January 1 2010
January 1 2010
April 1 2010
April 1 2010
The main time lines will be:

Starting February 01 2009 we already have Saturn opposition Uranus in full swing.
This negative segment of time will end March 16 2009 and it will reocurr once again from August 15 – Oct. 17 2009

General interpretation for this astrological aspect:
People often waste their energy because they feel tense on the inside, stopped somehow, unable to concentrate. They can’t find a way to bring their modern ideas and their traditional attitude under the same hat. Risk of accidents with technical apparatus is possible. Pain and worrying situations can occur, in partnerships as well as in financial situations.

The mid 2009 time frame cannot be defined so clearly.
A Conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune that lasts unusually long. This will most likely be a segment of time that is a tad on the positive side but close to the edge anyway.
April 11. – Sept. 3. 2009 and once again Nov. 13 – Jan. 19. 2010

General interpretation for this astrological aspect:
(in this case both, the negative as well as the positive side to it)
Samaritans, take very much part in other peoples well being. They have a lot of fantasy and are usually very tolerant towards others. Besides their philosophical attitude they also have a good sense for profitable speculations. But worldly stuff is not so much their thing, they prefer to swim in an ocean of superior enlightenment, a feeling of constant spiritual highs.
Life in a world of illusions, far away from any responsibilities. They may be on a constant search for enlightenment but have all around them nothing but chaos. They may be friendly but don’t realize to whom it is they are friendly to. They may pretend great plans while all they can actually achieve is filling up their stomach or indulge in other excessive abuse.

The final time frame of 2009 and over long periods of time also into 2010 is rather heavily negative!
Saturn will come into a square position to Pluto from
Sept. 23 2009 – April 2. 2010

General interpretation for this astrological aspect:
Lack of care for others, maybe because they feel that life has put a heavier burden on their shoulder than on others. As a result they may often feel down and heavy. Some activity behind the scenes is to be expected too, either an intrigue by them or by other people against them. It could also happen that they will try to impose their ideas on other people and tell them how to live their lives.

Rounded up and simplified
Until the middle of March we see the world rotate like there’s no tommorrow – or rather like 3 blind mice. Running down walls without an inteligent plan, no wonder it creates more pain and worries than real results.

From mid April to mid August however it looks like the problems diminish somewhat, but it is still hard for most to find a common sense balance or feel upbeat.
The summer months should in any case turn out to be the best (if i can use this word) part of 2009.

Already by mid August the fun is over again and we’ll see people without ideas running up against walls again.

Towards the end of Sept. we can kiss any ideas of good times rolling goodbye for sure, Everyone will start to act on their own, and either follow their own path, or drag a herd of people with them, who all feel the need to follow the leader or else…

Of course, short term aspects do happen in between these long term aspects, and there maybe days or a week or two where things maybe a bit brighter, but a world without a single positive long term aspect for a year or (in the present case) for several years to come is already a big difference to what we have gotten used to.

In other words, the world of never ending expansions due to great times and optimism has vanished for a bunch of years. Relax, realize that less if often healthy and sustainibility at 0 growth maybe better in the long run than the weird jungle style growth of the 90’s and up to 2007 that has no other possible ending then a deep crash and crisis.


2 thoughts on “Charts and forecast interpretations for the main astrological aspects for 2009 and into 2010

  1. not for the better in the next 2 to 3 years unfortunately, we are heading rather towards the storm now, from the current calm before the storm….

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