2009 forecast and beyond – to 2017

2009 forecast and beyond – to 2017

Hi all, i just started to check 09.
I realized something is about to happen.
So i kept on going through the years in 2 months steps.

Now what i have seen is not good at all, this year is pleasantly okay compared to what’s in store at times.Now this has me concerned a lot, so you may not want to read on.

Keep in mind that this is just the normal way the world moves, at the beginning of the 1900’s things where bad, then, those born in the 30’s, especially 40’s and still the 50’s had been born under very positive aspects amongst the long term planets, and that’s why there where plenty of good and advancing times ahead from the end of WW2 on, but with the 60?s and up they did not have that great aspects anymore, and you can tell, not much of great art, science, inventions or other advances in sight anymore.

Now we have reached the turning point to something perhaps similar to the early 1900’s, perhaps with the difference that these people born in the 40′ and 50’s will still be around and find solutions better then back then.

the next 3 years are ultimate sh..
from then on some of the sh.. will drag on, gradually deminishing each year to shorter and shorter periods each year, and well, it’s all over in 2017, March the 20., and not a day before!

Only from then on positive times will start to emerge again, speaking of long term periods, not just a week or two.

For 2009 mainly this is troublesome
Uranus negative to Saturn

Waste often they’re Energy, because they feel tense on the Inside, stopped somehow, unable to concentrate, because they
can’t find a Way to bring they’re modern Ideas and they’re traditional Attitude under the same Hat. Risk of Accidents with
technical Apparatus is possible. Pain and a worrying Situations can occur in Partnerships, as well as in they’re financial
(that’s also what happens presently already and will continue after a “spring break” also during sommer 09 and autumn.

In addition we will also have
Saturn negative to Pluto

Lack of Care for others, maybe because they feel that Live has put a heavier Burden on they’re Shoulder, than on others. As
a result, they may feel often down and heavy. There is also some Activity behind the Scene to be expected. Either they
Intrigue, or others do against them. It may also occur that they will try to dictate other Peoples Live, or other People may try
to dictate them how to Live.
2009 and 2010, as miserable as it is.

Finally the one that comes into play and will stick around partially until 2017,
Uranus negative to Pluto

Destructive Force can mount in drastic Disasters, or Up throw before made Achievements for a whole Generation. This
Constellation just happened at the beginning of the 1930Õ?s, known as the begin of a World War.

Not to look forward to, especially not when you think about oil……

Of course it will depend on all the degree positions on whether this is as bad or worste or less bad during times, and again, the last one of the above 3 negative aspects is not full time, it gradually decreases each year in length, from about 6 months in a year to just a month during the final year.

The bad thing about it all is that there is no real long term positive aspect happening during all these years that would level things out somewhat. This year we at least still have some positive aspects at the same time we have the first one of these 3 negative aspects happening, so the outlook is not rosy, but then again, whenever Capricorn is involved you kind of have to expect heavy times, and it is Pluto passing through Capricorn for all these years that starts this off, while Uranus and Saturn are just standing by at the most tense spots

Details for each year will follow…..