2007 astrological predictions

Sorry for my long absence on this future cast by astrological means, was a bit to much travelling and preoccupied with other priorities.I also learned that the way i describe future events needs to be reinvented in order to accommodate also non-astrologers.The change is such that i rather focus on the entire year ahead and simplify things as good as i can without leaving to much out.
2007 general active aspects astro chart:
2007 general active aspects astro chart
The main Time Frames 2007:

  • Reasonable mixed time until June 16.
  • Lousy times June 18 to Oct. 2.
  • Reasonable mixed time Oct. 2. to Nov. 2.
  • Harsh limited positive time Nov. 2. to Nov. 11.
  • and Nov. 15. to Jan. 6. 2008 with a bit of a shaky beginning but eventually strong emerging high ideals positivity.
The above positive Pluto / Jupiter aspect marks the most significant turn-around time in years.Pluto will from then on start it’s transit years through the astrological sign of Capricorn – while also Jupiter starts it’s much shorter transit through the same astrological sign and also the 12 year cycle comes to an end hence a new cycle will start (Chinese astrological year of the Earth-Rat will begin on Fe. 7. 2008). – This will be the end of dreamers lane and ideologies of everlasting growth and expansions as an era of realism and controlling will emerge during this turn of the years!
The events during 2007 in more detail:

:: Uranus in conjunction with the pos. Moon node until May 3. – good time to understand the flow of time and to fearlessly adjust and renew. Also a rather helpful attitude towards others.

:: Saturn in opposition to Neptune until July 31. – Distrustful times! Everyone feels somewhat helplessly exposed to whatever is happening to them or around the planet. – This aspect comes in different shades within itself. Until April 10. rather unstable, mostly to passive, occasionally to aggressive acting period. Until the end of March combined with a rather odd philosophical mindset, basically unpractical overall. For all of April and May much better balanced use of energies, generally more coordinated activities. From April 10 to July 11. a rather-irrational mix of restless ambitions and coordinated moves. July 11. to July 31., the final portion of this negative aspect will again bring imbalanced activities between to passive and to aggressive, somewhere between very discrete and totally dreaming (during the mid July time frame) but finally towards the end of July finally getting into the groove of perfection in reality for a short while.

:: Jupiter square Moon node
:: Jupiter square Uranus
:: Jupiter trine Saturn
:: Jupiter hexagon Neptune

Jupiter plays currently the main role in terms of quality of time. Especially the easing 2 positive aspects to the otherwise each other opposing planets Saturn and Neptune keep things on a less troublesome level.
Until March 23. Jupiter is mainly in a worry-free zone, optimistic and outgoing, but mainly only focused on selfish interests. However, until April 16. combined with a terrible sense of timing and miscalculations issues at hand that isolates people from one another. This trouble will restart itself once more on April 29. and the misjudging and bad timing period will go on until Sept. 11..
Adding to this “everyone.in-their-own-illusions” time the Jupiter / Uranus square will go on until June 16. and re-enact itself once more from Sept. 10. to Nov. 2. – It’s an impulsive time during which “halfwit” work is conducted, incomplete thinking is present, and therefore more miscalculations, pretentious promises and losses through unwise investments will happen.
Fortunately there is also some positivity during most of this time. Jupiter to Saturn until June 10. will at least still keep up a certain reliability and steadfastness. Maybe a bit slow in progress, but at least a useful portion of added practical sense here. Until May 19. Jupiter positive to the Neptune (and the same once again from Oct. 2. to Nov. 11.) will bring a time frame of maximum tolerance and caring for others well-being combined with a lot of fantasy. A Rather philosophical time for that great spiritual high perhaps.


It’s dream time!
The Pig years (Chinese Astrology / Calendar) aren’t the hard reality type of years. Add emotions rather then cool collected intellect to it and you know that the danger of “unsubstantiated believe in miracles” and hence unwise activities will frequently occur, with only sprinkles of well thought trough decision making windows opening up in between the haze of irrationalities.