Astrology Blog for the World’s quality of time

This Astrology Blog is installed and maintained by Rudolf Megert, Artist and global Researcher.
The core use for you as a valued visitor is that you can leave comments, ask questions or express your opinion on the subject of Astrology.
Astrology on Astrologer Rudolf Megert’s Blog however means SCIENTIFIC accurate Astrology, i can not comment on daily horoscopes stuff from newspapers or other superstitious side effects of real astrology on a scientific level.
Furthermore i will post a monthly report on the planets constellation (that have a global impact on all of us) as a useful tool for investors and strategic planners or even politicians to help in the decision making process and the planned timing of actions (or when better not to act).
This future trends report will be based on my extensive astrological knowledge base and, once again, impacts the world in general, this is not a common monthly forecast for any starsigns, it is an analytical global quality of time report that gives the intelligent user an insight into whether good times or bad times are ahead of us and a detailed look at the shades and hues of the coming month.
Such reports can also be done on a yearly basis, for interested clients that need a correct future outlook to plan with.

4 thoughts on “Astrology Blog for the World’s quality of time

  1. It’s already here, please click on the link “Future Trend Analysis” in the PAGES menu on the right hand side.
    Global quality of time for the month of August has been placed there!

  2. Sorry you did miss the point – which point precisely??
    (monthly has long gone turned into yearly)

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