Future Trend Analysis September 2006

Global Trends Astro Chart, Analysis and Summary for September 2006
september global trends forecast astrology chart
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As already pointed out within the Future Trend Analysis August 2006 the negative aspect between Saturn and Neptune continuos also through the entire month of September, so does the negative aspect between Jupiter and Saturn – plus fortunately also the positive aspect between Jupiter and Uranus.
New into play however come 3 aspects, positive is a stabilizing Saturn to Pluto aspect, whilst the square from Jupiter to Neptune will bring more illusions and the square from Pluto to the Moon node will not make for any great joy or advances in contacts at all.
Septembers world time chart shows 6 significant long term aspects.

1: Neptune – Saturn Opposition
(Critical, envious, secret acting against others, makes many people feel hopelessly vulnerable to what others or nature decides to do to them, can lead to financial problems too, and a tendency to become rather distrustful towards others or fortune in general)
– total duration until 9. October.
2: Uranus – Jupiter Trine
(outgoing times for socializing, but not to get to intimate with specifics. Time to get around, travel, learn something new, maybe even to speculate a bit)
– total duration until 23. September.
3: Saturn – Jupiter Square
(Negating the above positive aspect completely, misfortune through false calculations or speculations or bad timing. Very average overall quality of time that has a rather boring touch to it, yet there always seems to be something that keeps things tense, disturbing events will happen)
– total duration until 29. November.
4: Jupiter – Neptune Square
(Time of illusions and low sense for responsibilities, searching for enlightenment but creating rather just chaos in turn, maybe friendly but without healthy instincts on whom they turn to, may pretend great plans, but basically just filling up the belly, or indulge in other excessive behavior)
– total duration until 19. October.
5: Saturn – Pluto Trine
(Brave and though ahead, with good understanding for structures and numbers, relentless concentration and efforts, capable of managing and handling whole organizations, on a mission to create new structures where necessary, if outcome will be that profitable in the end may be another question)
– total duration: starting 10. September until 14 February 2007 so far.
6: Pluto – Moon node Square
(To strong desire to be special, therefore difficulties with others, acting against common Interest could lead into a tragedy)
– total duration until 30. November
The degree positions involved for these 6 planets building active aspects during all of September are:

Pluto: 24° Sagittarius
(wish to leave the past behind, may that be friends, childhood memories or some past love affair. Tendency to become workaholics, or alcoholics, to forget).
Neptune: 18° Aquarius until middle of month,
(dogmatic attitude, maybe able to stand up for a certain Ideals, but they do not understand well enough the freedom of thought that is given to everyone)
then 17° Aquarius
(clairvoyant understanding for others actions and motives, can see behind the outer appearance of things and give therefore also some good advice, but might be somewhat envy).
Uranus: 13° Pisces until 11. of month,
(working hard, preferably behind the scene, don’t mind to do all the jobs that seem to be unpopular amongst others)
then 12° Pisces
(strong feelings, esprit and energy, like to get carried away into other peoples emotions, into deep experiences, very flexible mindset).
Saturn: 18º Leo until 5. of month,
(good when it comes to using physical energy wisely, sporty, brave, would make good coaches)
then 19º Leo until 13. of month,
(more philosophical than practical, but keep thoughts mostly inside themselves)
then 20º Leo until 21. of month,
(friendly attitude, but concerned about such things as the meaning of live etc.
then 21º Leo
(love for the nature, that very strong, preferring to just do what is necessary to have
what’s needed, not worried about the future).
Jupiter: 14º Scorpio until 8. of month,
(not to much into great activities, like to enjoy themselves and the brighter side of live, generous but a bit proud and superficial)
then 15º Scorpio until 14. of month,
(merciful, but aware that it is necessary to solve own problems first, so they don’t help unless
asked for, spontaneous)
then 16º Scorpio until 20. of month,
(strange, unexpected desires or passionate emotions can erupt violently and usually unpredictably)
then 17º Scorpio until 25. of month,
(lazy, but very sensual in a secret, hidden fashion, only open to best friends, prefer to explore other peoples secrets)
then 18º Scorpio
(gentle, deep Insight into situations, or peoples behavior, always knowing what’s right or what’s
Moon node: 26º Pisces until 13. of month,
(won’t let anger rule the world, there is a new day after every night, enjoying live without being ashamed of this carefree attitude)
then 25º Pisces
(lots of (horny) fantasies, but if these don’t materialize terrible aggressions can flare up.
There are a good number of additional astrology aspects happening during this as well as any other month, but since these usually just last for a few days at the time they are of much less significant impact then the long lasting astrology aspects, short term astrology aspects can only intensify the long term trends to some extend and focusing on those as well would just make the entire report to long and confusing overall.

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